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Yadomaru Risa [userpic]
Porn Shop Catastrophe
by Yadomaru Risa (hentaigasuki)
at December 14th, 2006 (01:03 pm)

current mood: curious

I was wondering if anyone was interested in doing some kind of Porn Shop thread. Maybe people are buying Christmas presents for themselves and their loved ones and unexpectedly run into each other, or somebody brings their friend in for their first adult experience. Someone could start freaking out and need to be taken away in an ambulance.

Any takers?

'It's Green and Glowing!'
by Rock Lee (greengigabomb)
at September 25th, 2006 (10:14 pm)

current mood: energetic

I find it highly ironic that the youngest member of no_air has picked up a second character so completely and utterly obsessed with YOUTH. Rock Lee's here, people, so things are just never going to be quiet again.

Expect italics and bolds and CAPS LOCK ABUSE to abound in the near future. ♥

Anyway, journal posts will arrive as soon as I'm done dealing with microbiology - mitochondria and ATP are nowhere near as interesting as the Youthful Green Beast of Lysgar!

Sakura might want to watch out for any glowing, airbourne hearts sent her way, though. ^^;

Zaku here!
by Zaku Abumi (boy_in_midair)
at July 5th, 2006 (04:18 pm)

Hey, this is Adri, current Yumichika player and now also player for Zaku Abumi! Cause No Air rules. PB was found for me by Keryn and I do believe James Franco is quite fit.

SO~! This also raises the need of an apartment-assignment for Zaku! Anyone uhm..have free space and is willing to take in a former drug addict who half-assedly works a convenience store? XD

Anyway, look forward to interacting more and being obnoxious with Zaku as well as keeping up Yumi.

Tenten [userpic]
Crack link
by Tenten (steelfighter)
at June 26th, 2006 (02:10 pm)

current mood: amused
current song: I don't even know what song this is...

Sorry folks but had to share. This is getting sent around my office and... I don't think they even get half of why it's so funny.

Rachel [userpic]
by Rachel (sensus_diversus)
at June 25th, 2006 (02:13 am)

current mood: cheerful

Starting tomorrow (today, really...), the 25th, I believe, I'm going to the beach for a week. I doubt I'll have internet access, and even if there is, I'm taking a break from it and just catching up with family/RL in general. I may or may not be back for the chatroom on the 2nd. I'll catch the next one. XP

Gods, I love the beach so much. >D

日番谷 冬獅郎 [userpic]
by 日番谷 冬獅郎 (melon_and_rime)
at June 23rd, 2006 (11:26 pm)

current location: Couch
current mood: exhausted
current song: LAN party. Yay, nerds.

Yo. This would be Kitty, aka Hitsugaya Toushirou, checking in. This is my first time ever playing a Bleach character---I've played Chouji in...what...eight communities? But this is my first time with Toushirou, so bear with me. I can't believe you have a Chouji already, srsly.

[AIM:] rinfanzordo rimeEDIT: It was late and I was dyslexic. It's rinforzando rime, kids. Sorry ^^:;;;;;;;;.
[lj:] melon_and_rime

Talk to me if you ever catch me on. I don't bite. Unless you're Nate. I bite Nate. Nate is tasty.

I've been up for 23 hours and counting, and so this post is brief and somewhat dead.

It Lives!
by Chizuru Honsho (just_girls)
at June 23rd, 2006 (08:39 pm)
current mood: creative
current song: Eskimo-Corky and the Juice Pigs

I was feeling bored, and since we've gotten so many new players recently, decided to resurrect the random facts meme. Muahahahahahahahaha!

Also, mods, Yoruichi and Chizuru's names still haven't been added to the community's tags lists. I have logs for both of them, so not having their names in the tag's list is pretty inconvient. If you could fix this as soon as possible that would be great.^___^

Ah, the randomness, Chizuru Honsho style!Collapse )

Kuchiki Rukia [userpic]
Mod Post - Interaction of all sorts.
by Kuchiki Rukia (dramabunny)
at June 23rd, 2006 (06:29 am)

Well, following on from the rather inconclusive results of the poll, no_air will be having chats via AIM on the first Sunday of each month.

These are entirely optional, they're just an excuse to get people together for those of you afraid to IM each other, and provide a forum for you to give feedback and ideas. And probably lots of other nonsense/ general mockery. I'll be starting the chatroom at around 11pm GMT, which is 6pm EST, and leaving it open right through until late, so you can drop in or out at whatever time suits you best.

The first chat, then, will be Sunday, July 2nd.

That said, with all the new people showing up here lately, I thought it would be good to get together this Sunday, too. Same times as above, I'll send out invites as and when I see you online.

One last thing, and more a reminder for the new guys than anything ~ remember to comment on people's posts. If your character doesn't know theirs then it's a great way to make introductions, it's also one of the main ways to get storylines going , as logs develop from things mentioned in comments. Most posts will have something you can remark on.

You also in no way have to wait to finish a log before you can continue posting in your journals. Logs and threads can be backdated, journals are the only thing done 'realtime'. So you can post even when tied up in a log.

Thats it, please try and make the chats if you can, and don't be afraid of starting up chats any time you like, these are only 'official' ones.

Yadomaru Risa [userpic]
by Yadomaru Risa (hentaigasuki)
at June 20th, 2006 (09:17 pm)

current mood: good

My name is Jen and I am your resident Risa/PornGirl. Some of you may remember me from SHS - I played Chizuru.

Feel free to visit me anytime for all of your sexual needs (and no, that does NOT mean I will personally satisfy you. It means I help run a porn shop.). Also, I heard another character here is in the adult toy business... would you prefer to be a coworker or a rival...? (O.o)

Unfortunately, I suck at making icons. If anyone would be kind enough to make something for me I would be forever grateful! Here's a link to a photo gallery of my RL counterpart. Icons with glasses are preferred.

Thanks!!! ^_^

kUROSAKI iCHIGO [userpic]
Mod Post
by kUROSAKI iCHIGO (life_in_stereo_)
at June 20th, 2006 (11:01 pm)

Well. I said I was going to try and make this a weekly thing, didn't I?

Check out the Friend Console and please update all your lists--we've had some players leave, and we've also had some new players join us! Welcome Gin, Hinamori, Hitsugaya, Risa, Ukitake, and Ukon! If your information isn't there, please let me know right away.

Additionally, thanks to yueni, the Contact Info has been moved and updated. That's the hardest thing to take care of, so if you find bugs, you're missing from it, or you have new information, please let me know about that as well.

Character Histories are also in the process of being updated--if you're not on one of these lists, then let me know and I'll make the changes.

History A-M
History N-Z

And last, but not least, if for some reason you have a question or a problem or any sort of suggestion, please, please feel free to contact either Pixy or myself any time we're online. Many of you already do, but I encourage you to do so if you haven't. We're not scary people, and the sooner you let us know about something, the quicker we can make reparations to fix it.

Have a great week, stay active, and encourage others to apply!

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